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TogetHR Talks Discussion Wednesday, February 14th 11:30am to 12:30pm MST

Do your employees actually know how much their total compensation & benefits package is providing?

Providing Total Rewards Statements

Total rewards need to be part of your business and people strategy.

Total rewards are much more than base salary and incentives. They include everything of value that the organization provides its employees and is an integral part of your business and people strategy.

The best designed total rewards program attracts, motivates and keeps the right talent—from entry level to the C-suite. It shapes your culture and your reputation. And it balances the needs of the business with what people actually want.

It sounds straightforward—but business environments are shifting. Economies are volatile. What people need and want from their work is changing. Career paths are more dynamic than ever and new jobs and roles are constantly emerging.

LOVE in the Workplace?

Love helps shape the connections we share with other people.  There are some pro’s and con’s when contemplating love in the workplace.  

  1. Are relationships allowed in your workplace?
  2. What to do if you fall in love with a colleague?
  3. How do you keep things practical for other colleagues?
  4. What if the relationship is over?

We will discuss helpful tips and considerations for navigating through love relationships in the workplace.  

TogetHR Talks Discussion
Wednesday, March 13th
11:30am to 12:30pm MST

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