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Outsourcing accounts receivable services can boost your company’s collection rates. When you are reducing customer support communication and generating quicker payments, your accounts will be optimized for efficiency. TogetHR provides the necessary bookkeeping services to help you strengthen the accounts receivable and working capital. 

You will be able to access different electronic billing services, compliant processes, and standard workflows, which can decrease Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

documents required for accounts receivable services
Recording accounts receivable can increase your company’s efficiency.

Expand Your Business With Accounts Receivable Solutions

TogetHR offers expert accounts receivable solutions that can help small to mid-sized businesses with investments, business functions, contracts, and more. We have comprehensive solutions that are flexible enough to adapt to your unique business needs. Our clients are able to choose from a variety of accounts receivable management services. 

We are the recourse to optimize your business with cloud-based tech and create centralized archives of all AR information. TogetHR seamlessly integrates your data with enterprise systems. 

Here is what we can do for you, with the right software:

  • Collection Services: You won’t have to deal with overdue, delayed, or late payments with our supportive collection services. 
  • Credit Card Payments:  Our accounts receivable specialist will contact your customers and politely ask for their payment over the phone, using their credit card while potentially setting up this card to be charged each time an invoice is generated.
  • ACH Direct Debit: It allows you to safely and securely collect recurring membership fees, payments, or other scheduled items. 
  • Wire Transfers: Our accounts receivable specialist will reduce any gaps in government ordinances, communication, and distance.

Accounts receivable is a resource-intensive, time-consuming activity that includes everything from collecting stranded money to following the order path. You may create a well-designed system for creating, mailing, and checking up on client bills by outsourcing accounts receivable management.

Hire Experts for Accounts Receivable Outsourcing Now

When it comes to accounts receivable outsourcing, you can’t go wrong with TogetHR Consulting. We guarantee that payments and financial processes will be carried out on time, leading to steady success for your business. Businesses also must ensure they get the most value out of the funds they spend on accounts receivable analysis. TogetHR helps businesses run more smoothly from order to payment by increasing collections.

TogetHR Consulting is a full-service HR, payroll, books, and accounting firm that provides these services on a monthly or project basis. We have a 76% client retention rate with a 66% growth rate in 2021. 

Our business mainly relies on our diverse referral base to grow, and we have grown organically since our inception in 2013. We re-invest money into our communities by training the associates in the accounts receivable process and offering employee rewards.

Our service area covers many states across the US and especially in Montana, Texas, and Florida. Get in touch today!

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