Package Levels: Foundation | Essential | Premium


Just looking for the FOUNDATION
of a human resource (HR) influence in your business? This partnership will get you started
in the right direction!
$ 2,560
  • Contract Length: 3 month min
  • Dedicated HR hours: 16/ month
  • Choose HR area to focus


The core ESSENTIALS for solid human resource (HR) practices start with these specific categories such as: Recruiting packages, Employee On-Boarding, Employee Handbook/Team Manual, Training, etc.
$ 3,840
  • Contract Length: 6 month min
  • Dedicated HR hours: 24/ month
  • Choose HR area to focus


Do you want to be the leader and employer of choice in your industry? This PREMIUM package is designed for those “Superstar” business leaders with a mindset for growth!
$ 4,960
  • Contract Length: 9 month min
  • Dedicated HR hours: 32/ month
  • Choose HR area to focus

We look forward to working with you in whatever capacity is needed at the time. Choose from one of these packages or contact us to customize your specific package details to best fit the needs of your growing business!

(Prices are subject to change without advanced notice; quotes and estimates are valid for 30 days)

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