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I9 Form

The I9 is a required document by the USCIS, used for all employees to verify their authorization to work in the US and MUST be kept on file for as long as the employee is employed.  Record Retention is required for 1 year after termination or 3 years after the date of hire, whichever is longer.

I9 Documents

The USCIS accepts only certain documents from employees to prove their employment status.  Use this list and columns to tell employees the options on what to provide for completion of the I9.


This document is required in order to pay  employees and must be completed by the employee.  Since the latest update on this document in 2020, has left most people confused on how to properly complete it, it’s best to get some guidance.

MT W-4

This document is required in order to pay  employees in MT for State tax purposes and must be completed by the employee.  Employee’s are best served to get some guidance from a tax professional.

New Hire Reporting

This is a required document in each state and can be submitted through a secure website, once you have set up your own log-in to the site.  This Montana form has a few purposes, mainly it’s used for Child Support Enforcement.

Emergency Contacts

This is a suggested form so each employee may designate who the employer may call in case of an emergency.

Pay Authorization

This form is a suggestion for those employers providing any means of direct deposit for employee’s convenience.

Job Description

This template will help you write your job descriptions in half the time and includes more information and categories than most templates.

Recruiting Scorecard

This form makes recruiting objective, informative and professional.  At a glance, easily see which candidate will be the BEST person to fill that open position(s).

Coaching & Discipline

In management, there are times when coaching an employee or “writing” someone up is necessary.  Follow this simple form to make that process easier with clear expectations and deadlines.

Separation Form

Employees leave for various reasons, make sure you are covering the basics with an easy-to-use, 2-page template that covers you and provides the employee with valuable information. Use this form every time.

Exit Interview Questions

This form is used when an employee submits notice of separation and is used to learn from the exiting employee or gain valuable insights on turnover.

Stay Interview Questions

These questions are great for learning more about WHY employees enjoy the company, their workplace, the team, culture and continue loyalty.

Absence Request Form

Internal requests can be hard to track with sticky notes and random verbal requests.  Change to process to be written and documented for tracking.

Exempt Status Duties Test

Under the FLSA law, employees MUST pass the “duties test” to be paid as an exempt employee, commonly referred to as Salary.  Be sure before making the switch!  Mistakes are costly!!

Reasonable Suspicion

Use this template as an objective means to determine if an employee may have a substance abuse problem and document the observations.

Performance Evaluation

Most Companies in this day and age, have at least an annual process to provide feedback and set goals with their employees.  Better Companies are on a bi-annual cycle.

Performance Improvement Plan

Provide an employee with a detailed outline of what performance MUST be improved, using deadlines and consequences.

Performance Improvement Tracker

A document to go along with the PIP and a way for the Manager and Employee to track progress in the defined areas outlined and discussed.

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