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TogetHR offers small and medium-sized businesses HR outsourcing solutions to assist with compliance regulations, improving employee relations, and internal needs for recruiting, or talent management.

Do you need professional HR services for your small business? You definitely need at least one person in charge of these activities. But hiring a specialist can be expensive. The cost-effective option is hiring human resources outsourcing service. You will benefit from the support and the expert advice you need in exchange for a monthly fee instead of paying salary and benefits.

And, in the experience of our company, small business HR outsourcing is just what management needs in an SME. You do not need an HR specialist full time on a daily basis. Instead, you want HR outsourcing services and support for specific activities.

Top Reasons for Outsourcing HR Functions in Your Company

HR outsourcing companies for small business provide advisory, human resource administration, handbook/policy development and recruiting services whenever you need them. You don’t want to start in business with the wrong team or forget to apply various compliance regulations. HR outsourcing services for startup businesses represent the reliable guidance you need to run your business and manage your team with confidence.

Your investors group can rely on HR outsourcing firms for:

  • Identifying roles that need to be filled in your company
  • Preparing a job ad that will attract the right candidates
  • Preparing an interview form to make the best selection
  • On-boarding and training new employees
  • Writing, developing and administering employee handbooks or policies

The Cost of Small Business HR Outsourcing Is a Smart Investment

As a manager, you worry about HR outsourcing costs. However, the financial part of the deal is in your favor. As explained above, the alternative to HR outsourcing is hiring an employee (or more) on a full-time basis – you are not likely to find a human resources specialist willing to work part-time or as needed for your company.

The system of human resources outsourcing offers a specialist whenever you need one and you only pay for the time spent working on your HR tasks. This is the most reasonable solution for any small to medium-sized company. 

Choose Professional HR Outsourcing Solutions Tailored to Your Needs!

TogetHR Consulting is more than one of the best HR outsourcing companies. We are your partner, and we offer you our expert guidance to grow your company with confidence. We strive to help you build and manage a successful team.

Our services for startups are available in Texas, Montana and Florida.

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